Nagasaki Knife Collection - After campaign sale

This is the official after campaign sale for the Nagasaki Knife Collection Kickstarter!

If you are a backer of this campaign, please check your mails, because you received discount codes for this sale!

Due to a technical issue the following products are currently unavailable: The Family, The Professional, The Twin, The Trio and Nagoya. We expect to fix this issue within 24 hours.

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Nagasaki Solingen 3.5"/9cm Paring Knife

A paring knife is a small knife with a plain edge blade that is ideal for peeling and other small or intricate work.

Nagasaki Solingen 7"/18cm Nakiri Knife

Nakiri knives are Japanese vegetable knives. They are ideal for cutting vegetables and fruits.

Nagasaki Solingen 7"/18cm Nakiri Knife with hollow edge

This knife features the same design as our Nakiri knife, but adds another unique feature: a hollow edge.

Nagasaki Solingen 7"/18cm Santoku Knife

This was our original Nagasaki Solingen hand-hammered Santoku knife!

Nagasaki Solingen 8"/20cm Chef's Knife

The traditional western chef's knife is ideal for cutting meat, fish, vegetables, fruits and what ever you can think of.

Nagasaki Solingen - "Osaka Pack"

You receive 5 Nagasaki Solingen 8"/20cm Chef's knives