OLHO SmartReader for Phones

As useful our Magnifier App is so uncomfortable it is for reading long texts, because you need to hold your smart phone all the time. That's why we developed the Smart Reader, a hold for your smartphone, so you can read even longer texts easily with the Magnifier.
Manufacturer: OLHO - smart lesen
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In combination with the Magnifier App the SmartReader replaces classic electronic magnifiers and allows more control over the texts presentation.


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Easy to use

Insert your smartphone into the holding bracket, adjust the position for comfortable reading and thats it. SmartReader does not take up much space and does not require any tools to be operated. In case you need to save some extra space the mounting bracket can be detached from the frame so SmartReader gets very easy to transport.

Fits most smartphones

SmartReader can adjust to most smartphones up to 5 inch models. It does not matter if its a iPhone, iPod touch, an Android Device or a smartphone running Windows Phone. They'll all be working just fine. In case you want to know if your phone will fit contact us and we'll find out for you.

Perfect match for our Magnifier App

In combination with our Magnifier the SmartReader provides a perfect reading experience. This is because you have full control through the apps settings and the adjustments possible wit SmartReader. Therefore you can setup everything to provide the best reading experience for your needs. In addition SmartReader allows you to not only read but also write. Making it easy to fill out forms or read your self written text without having to bend over the table anymore.

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